Damn Good Advice – FOUR

I can still remember the phone number of the house I lived in when I was a young child. We moved when I was 6 years old, yet that number is imprinted on my memory. Why do I tell you this random factoid? Because my mother wanted us to be careful, and should we ever get lost or kidnapped we would know how to contact her and let her know. I’d say my teenage years had a moderate amount of rebelling against her careful, worried ways.

As for my art, I want to continue to push boundaries and explore ideas that are not readily assessed by our dominant culture. I think that the best art is outside of the box, exactly as Lois describes. But, I disagree in being reckless. It may work for some people and there is nothing wrong with it per se; it is your life, your art. My attitudes have matured in such a way that I can tug at the strings of society without total anarchy. I don’t find it to be necessary to be out of control or ridiculous/flamboyant/crazy for its own sake. I can communicate my message better using wit and sarcasm. And, if at all possible, I much prefer to let my work show you what it has to say without the distractions of my antics or tomfoolery. The agenda is art.