Damn Good Advice – SIX

I am guilty of the infrequent excuses as to why I am not making more art, selling more art, better at my craft. One of my popular day dream remedies is in fact the notion that having better/newer/different tools would allow me to reach my goals. Fact remains it is simple not true. I make great art because of my great ideas, not because of the tech specs listed on the box. I think it is a myth that we are only as good as our resources and means. In reviewing photographs for my book, I was amazed at how good my eye was 10 years ago and that I was still capturing great light, color, textures, and patterns with a much simpler camera than my dSLR and no photo editing software. To that end, much of my photographic journal here on this blog is from my iPhone that has minimal control. With limited controls (read variables), I am able to focus on my idea and not all the other small details. It can be very liberating sometimes. Sometimes. Another great example is this image:

image source