Cold Fall Oak © 2012 NATE METZ

I entered the photo challenge again: BEAUTY. I opted for a beautiful subject often overshadowed for a loved one’s portrait, the flashy flower, and picturesque landscapes. The voting showed this preference, ranking my submission at 38 of 39. Once again, I do not feel that my technical skill or composition was off the mark, but it is my point of view as an artist. I am not a classic photographer; I do not shoot in a studio; I do not carry 3 flashes. I am grateful for a comment received during voting that complimented the technical aspects of the photograph and questioned my cropping. The balanced critique helped me to solidify my choices leading up to the final composition.

I really like my entry. It is consistent with my aesthetic of tight crops and use of color. I am studying translucent light, so I was happy to include my work there, here. And, as I stated with the photograph during the challenge, I think the understated colors of late fall are very beautiful. My solidarity, strength and staunch conviction of my work is captured beautifully by the oak tree!

Plants & Trees

I took advantage of the most recent photo challenge to shoot some more translucent shots of the fall foliage. We have one tree that is always the last to hold onto its leaves. When they change it happens over about 3 days and then they are all gone like in a flash fire of orange. Timing didn’t work out well with the challenge to get that coloring, but I am happy with the muted colors I did capture.

I ranked 20th, falling behind similar shots of trees with more vibrant foliage. I could have walked another 20 feet to another tree with vibrant leaves, but the light play of the sun was much more pleasing on the first tree. My intuition even let me know that if I didn’t shoot a traditional fall colors photograph for the challenge I couldn’t win. With the next challenge theme up, it’s on to the next one!