This fall I have been exploring the idea of translucency. I am interested in the BIG IDEA of a subject allowing partial light to shine through it. A translucent subject has two levels of meaning for me. The first is the artistic quality of allowing light to pass through a subject with an illuminating effect, somewhere between opaque and transparent. The second is more esoteric and spiritually natured. We often speak of the soul as light, letting our light shine, beaming with joy, and so forth. A translucent being, then, is spiritually evolved, allowing the “insides” to show through to the surface. The en-light-ened spirit permeates its entire being.

I’ve been study translucent light for the past month now, and want to share some of my progress. I knew that I needed to find subjects in nature that were translucent to capture both levels of meaning for me, so I chose to focus on leaves and petals first. I believe that nature is naturally radiant and through awareness we can see the light inside any part of nature.

Here is my first set:

Translucent Study © 2012 NATE METZ

As I see it…

White-Blocked Sills © 2012 NATE METZ

It’s not very often I find myself sitting in a windowsills, but when I do I’m looking around. As I see it there was wonderful white color blocking all around.

Business Cards

One of my first orders of business was to create business cards. It has been a few months now since I started handing out my NATE METZ business cards, so I thought I would share them with my cyber friends that wouldn’t be able to see them in person.

I knew that I wanted to put some of my artwork on the cards, and with several thousand images I wasn’t sure which way to go: street, abstract, sunsets, digital art, collage, acrylic, my face? I knew I was ordering a lot of them, so I went with my intuition and picked a series that I would enjoy seeing passed around for some time to come. This favorite series of photographs was a clear choice to use on the backs of my cards: RECYCLING BLOCKS © 2005. A friend recommended MOO for cards because you can select multiple images to appear on the back of each card (as opposed to the standard run of 250 cards exactly the same), so that made the most sense in selecting the 8 images pictured here:

And then on the reverse of the business cards is my name and contact information with plenty of white space that the recipient can jot down a note or two.

If you would like to have one of my business cards, I will mail it to you for FREE! All you have to do is sign-up for my e-mail list: simply leave your name and e-mail address in the form on the right-hand menu!

Damn Good Advice – EIGHT

It is time for some honest reflection on the ideas behind my digital photography. My captures do not always go for the Big Idea. While it’s true, I have been able to get some amazing work together, the bulk of it is safe and “pretty.” I can say all of this because I have not pursued my craft with much seriousness, about all that was required of a good hobby. My more recent work is finding it’s voice and making a statement, for which I am very grateful! And, more importantly, my book AWAKE is a Big Idea. That is one project that really penetrates the mind, touches the heart, and elicits a reaction.

In deeper reflection, art should have purpose. My acrylics and collage work is some of my most pointed work. My spirituality and philosophical musings are much more apparent here, for example:

A Tree of Life © 2010 NATE METZ - acrylic on canvas

A Tree of Life © 2010 NATE METZ

The connection between body, mind, and spirit / heart, brain, and aura is apparent within the context of a tree. The image easily pulls the viewer around the canvas exploring our personal connectivity.

I can look at my photography and see the deeper themes, but it certainly takes more work on the viewer’s part to explore them. In working with a critique of AWAKE, I can see how some pictures lack intention and purpose. The book works, though, because of the accompanying text. This image is a great example:

From Prince Charming for Snow White © 2007 NATE METZ - digital photograph of peony

From Prince Charming for Snow White © 2007 NATE METZ

This peony if framed on a wall would like some context. The title is ambiguous, although the story is just a personal memory: in a school play, I was Prince Charming and on opening night, I picked a bouquet of white peonies from the garden and gave them to the girl playing Snow White. Isn’t that sweet? I took a different approach though when I published this image. In AWAKE, this is frame 49, stating

We have the power and responsibility to transcend anything in our lives that keeps us from accessing the magnificence of our being.

The soft fullness of the petals create a mystical atmosphere where contemplating transcendence works. Personal power is a Big Idea.

My goals now are to transition from exploring the subjects themselves to exploring artistic concepts. I will not rely any longer on clever titles, backstories, or spiritual text to provide the necessary working context of my photography. I am in the pursuit of higher work: inspiring images without limitation and truly Big Ideas! This is what I’m referencing:

I Prefer the Unfurling of a Rose © 2012 NATE METZ

I Prefer the Unfurling of a Rose © 2012 NATE METZ

Here the translucency is unexpected, and one of the next concepts I am exploring. I purchased a high-intensity flashlight to help me capture this magical lighting when not naturally available. I will surely share my progress here, so be sure to bookmark my blog!

Art Biz Coach Workshop Testimonial

This week I sat down with Alyson on Skype to let her know what’s happened in the past 5 months. If you remember, I attended the Art Biz Liftoff workshop through the Rehoboth Art League. I have reached so many wonderful accomplishments and continue to expand by business following the goals and tips I’ve learned. I highly recommend you check out her workshop and online course offerings to see what can help you live your dream!

Nate Metz Awakens the Artist Within

AWAKE – On Sale Locally!

I am happy to announce that you may now purchase your copy of AWAKE locally at The Medicine Woman Shoppe in Lewes, DE! Even with free .pdf previews and images of the book all over my web presence, I understand that it is hard to get a good idea of a book–especially an art book. The book experience although primarily visual, is also a tactile experience. It is the number one complaint about Kindles, tablets, and other readers. With these considerations, I put my intentions out to be able to sell AWAKE locally. I met with local business owner, Terri Pippin about 10 days ago to discuss selling my book brick and mortar. If you have been following my posts and are excited about the book, but still not sure about your purchase, this is a great time to go and check it out for yourself!

AWAKE on sale locally in Lewes, DE at The Medicine Woman Shoppe
AWAKE on display at The Medicine Woman Shoppe in Lewes, DE

I am very grateful to Terri for this wonderful opportunity. She is a wonderful woman, healer, shaman, and now business partner. While perusing the book, you may also want to inquire about her professional services: CMT, Reiki Master, and Shaman. Terri Pippin is the Founder of The Medicine Woman. Terri started her spiritual journey of healing over twenty-five years ago when she was first introduced to meditation. She has been Certified in Massage since 1996. Her journey has included the development of Reiki, culminating in the achievement of Master Reiki Level in 2007, and the development of several energy healing techniques. The Medicine Woman is trained in both Celtic and Native American Shamanism and has been a shamanic healer since 1998.

What’s that? You are a local but not sure where the shop is? The Medicine Woman, LLC is located at…

33800 Dreamweaver Lane
Lewes, DE 19958

and of course you may check out the Shoppe online at…

Letters and / or Numbers

I seem to have fallen into the every other challenge entry pattern. If the theme doesn’t resonate with me, I have a hard time brainstorming ideas. And, if I have to force a frame, the results just don’t stand out. Challenge 163 was proving to be another uninspired theme. Sure, letters and numbers are all around us, but they never stood out to me above their utilitarian purposes. Letters and numbers are a means to an end and my interactions with them were not amounting to much of a photograph. I had resigned to not enter (again), justifying my lack of participation with being busy with my book, gallery entry, and life. One rainy night in Philadelphia changed all that. Below are the shots that I came home with. Keeping my promise I included some informational text to provide context

A screen projects historic texts from world medicine onto the Thomas Jefferson University campus in center city Philadelphia. The sculpture is copper and granite, created by Jim Sanborn 2009.

In my comments, it was said best “goes beyond basics” like most entries of a keypad, road sign, and books. To date, it is my best received entry: 2 / 24. The shot on the bottom right was my entry; the other three were close contenders. The biggest critique is the tree on the right-hand side. I like it for two main reasons: 1) I like how the lights behind the leaves created a mottled effect in a similar but less intelligent way than the screen, and 2) it contrasts a natural element against the copper of the screen and brick building behind. What do you think?

Ars Medendi at Night © 2012 NATE METZ