This fall I have been exploring the idea of translucency. I am interested in the BIG IDEA of a subject allowing partial light to shine through it. A translucent subject has two levels of meaning for me. The first is the artistic quality of allowing light to pass through a subject with an illuminating effect, somewhere between opaque and transparent. The second is more esoteric and spiritually natured. We often speak of the soul as light, letting our light shine, beaming with joy, and so forth. A translucent being, then, is spiritually evolved, allowing the “insides” to show through to the surface. The en-light-ened spirit permeates its entire being.

I’ve been study translucent light for the past month now, and want to share some of my progress. I knew that I needed to find subjects in nature that were translucent to capture both levels of meaning for me, so I chose to focus on leaves and petals first. I believe that nature is naturally radiant and through awareness we can see the light inside any part of nature.

Here is my first set:

Translucent Study © 2012 NATE METZ

3 thoughts on “TRANSLUCENT

  1. Ok…so maybe I’m not invisible. Maybe I’m translucent. Lovely post Nate. I recognize the flowers…pre storm right?

  2. Mum–Every living thing is translucent, including you. It’s up to you to let your light shine radiantly, and to see the light in others. I think it would include your aura as well :)

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