Letters and / or Numbers

I seem to have fallen into the every other challenge entry pattern. If the theme doesn’t resonate with me, I have a hard time brainstorming ideas. And, if I have to force a frame, the results just don’t stand out. Challenge 163 was proving to be another uninspired theme. Sure, letters and numbers are all around us, but they never stood out to me above their utilitarian purposes. Letters and numbers are a means to an end and my interactions with them were not amounting to much of a photograph. I had resigned to not enter (again), justifying my lack of participation with being busy with my book, gallery entry, and life. One rainy night in Philadelphia changed all that. Below are the shots that I came home with. Keeping my promise I included some informational text to provide context

A screen projects historic texts from world medicine onto the Thomas Jefferson University campus in center city Philadelphia. The sculpture is copper and granite, created by Jim Sanborn 2009.

In my comments, it was said best “goes beyond basics” like most entries of a keypad, road sign, and books. To date, it is my best received entry: 2 / 24. The shot on the bottom right was my entry; the other three were close contenders. The biggest critique is the tree on the right-hand side. I like it for two main reasons: 1) I like how the lights behind the leaves created a mottled effect in a similar but less intelligent way than the screen, and 2) it contrasts a natural element against the copper of the screen and brick building behind. What do you think?

Ars Medendi at Night © 2012 NATE METZ