BEACH Greeting Cards

Since taking these photographs, I’ve been thinking about printing them on card stock for greeting cards. Living at the beach, it can be a challenge to have beach inspired (or even themed) products to sell that are not super literal: sea shells, umbrellas, flip flops, surf boards, sand castles, etc. When I came across this old wood, it felt beachy to me and the color blocking was already in place.

What do you think? Would you purchase a box set of blank greeting cards with 2 per image?

Beach Blocks © 2013 NATE METZ

Quiet Gordon

It’s quiet in the morning on the Atlantic Ocean, the ocean with barely a wave. The stillness is reflected in the beached jelly fish and the resting algae on the jetty rocks. I arise in the stillness of today like the silence of the womb of quiet reflection. Today is a beautiful day, as is every day at the beach.

Quiet Reflection © 2013 NATE METZ

Gallery Talk – Summer Streets

About a week ago, I officially opened my first exhibit: SUMMER STREETS. During the reception, I conducted a gallery talk about my creative process and some of the key images from the show. The entire collection is 25 images of my original street photography taken during the summer months. I included some images from my yellow study last summer that overlapped with the street theme to create a well balanced solo exhibit. Be sure to watch the video above and let me know what you think! I truly hope you enjoy hearing about my work and look forward to sharing more videos soon.

All images shown are for sale, and I am taking orders for prints if you prefer unframed photographs. Click here for a full listing of images, sizes, and prices. All framed pieces are customs frames with conservation plexiglass to protect the full color photographs.

The exhibit is on display from June 4 – 29th in Newark, DE at the Terry Foreman Gallery in the Newark Arts Alliance (NAA).

Market East Plaza
Suite 102
276 E. Main St.,
Newark, DE 19711
Telephone: 302-266-7266

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am-3pm
Extended Hours on Thursday: 11am-6pm

And, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on all events like this one! **The link is on the right-hand menu bar.** Many thanks to everyone who came out to show me support on the 7th and continued blessings. I am so grateful for all of your support!

As I see it…

Lines on the wall © 2012 NATE METZ

Lines on the wall © 2012 NATE METZ

Lines on the wall © 2012 NATE METZ

I was perusing some older images in my pictures folder with a friend this week and talking about my photography style. We agreed it was different and not necessarily the sort of images that people gravitate towards. She said it was great that I was able to see the unseen. I love to shoot the things that most of us just walk by without a second thought because those moments of light are beautiful. Much of my shooting is haphazardly unplanned: I go out with my camera and explore to find moments of beauty. These images of the lines on the wall are the perfect example. The sunlight streamed in through the shutters at this angle for but a moment before sliding onto the floor in a blurred distortion. I like the layers of different lines on top of each other.

I find our world to be amazing and interesting. I walk about with a sense of wonder all the time. And those who walk with me often see me crouching, squatting, and otherwise contorting with a camera in my hand because I saw something that caught my eye. It is a constant visual unrest, but a gift nonetheless.

Don’t forget, I have a collection of moments of beauty in my exhibit this June: SUMMER STREETS!

As I see it…