End of the year POST UP

I opted out of doing any end of the year, top number, favorite and most memorable posts last year this time into the new year. After 7 months at that point, it didn’t jive with the blog and the work I had done. So, that means I’ll be doing a reflection post this year where I recap my blog, the best moments in my work over the past year expressing gratitude and reliving the highs and lows–NOT.

I have traveled into a desert of photography and according to my iCloud photo stream, I haven’t been on a walkabout for picture-taking since October! Details of my personal life do give some indication where the time and energy has been redirected. It’s all good things happening and part of my bigger quest to live a balanced and diversely rich lifestyle that incorporates my many interests.

Most recently, I learned crochet and last weekend I worked on this basket for my quartz crystals:


Now that we’ve traversed well around on a brief tangent, I’m going to tell you what that means for the photoblog! Many of you are aware of spring cleaning when we open the windows, shake the rugs, clear out the old and make room for newness. Otherwise, known as spring. Many of you are also aware of the American holiday, Thanksgiving when we make long lists of gratitude for our blessed lives. On my earth walk, though, now is the time I’m feeling the need to purge and unload. Almost in the dead of winter, I feel compelled to make room. When my intuition and inspiration speak to me so clearly I am much obliged to ignore social and cultural norms and follow my bliss because I know that’s what I must do for success, happiness, and prosperity.

Typically I keep a long running folder of photographs and then I slowly pick through them as I make blog posts. As I use photos and select options, I file them in a more long term folder. My system still has photographs from January 2013 that have yet to be sorted and posted. That is not to say that I don’t like the work or that it is technically inferior in any way. It is very important that you understand these photographs are not leftovers!

The next series of posts will be a blast of photographs: an end of the year POST UP. Enjoy!

Gallery Talk – Summer Streets

About a week ago, I officially opened my first exhibit: SUMMER STREETS. During the reception, I conducted a gallery talk about my creative process and some of the key images from the show. The entire collection is 25 images of my original street photography taken during the summer months. I included some images from my yellow study last summer that overlapped with the street theme to create a well balanced solo exhibit. Be sure to watch the video above and let me know what you think! I truly hope you enjoy hearing about my work and look forward to sharing more videos soon.

All images shown are for sale, and I am taking orders for prints if you prefer unframed photographs. Click here for a full listing of images, sizes, and prices. All framed pieces are customs frames with conservation plexiglass to protect the full color photographs.

The exhibit is on display from June 4 – 29th in Newark, DE at the Terry Foreman Gallery in the Newark Arts Alliance (NAA).

Market East Plaza
Suite 102
276 E. Main St.,
Newark, DE 19711
Telephone: 302-266-7266

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am-3pm
Extended Hours on Thursday: 11am-6pm

And, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on all events like this one! **The link is on the right-hand menu bar.** Many thanks to everyone who came out to show me support on the 7th and continued blessings. I am so grateful for all of your support!


Congrats to me! The art blog is officially 13 months old! Happy Blog Anniversary! I can hardly believe I missed the one year anniversary at the beginning of this month, but catching it now on the 31st I made it just in time. Do you remember my first blog post?? It was a year ago I was starting my yellow study and just launched my art career: that is, getting a business license and framing my work! Those early posts were certainly minimal and sparse with information, but a fun trip down memory lane.

Next week is another huge milestone: my first exhibit. Being a professional artist has really changed how I view my work, and the processes I go through creatively. I’ve had lots of help along the way through people like Art Biz Coach and friends like Pamela Slaton. Oh, and I published a book: AWAKE!!! I also have a burgeoning fan page on Facebook that has now become the seat to memes combining my thoughts and photography similar to what is found in my book. If you aren’t already reading those, you should like that page and not miss any more inspiration on your timeline!

I’m so proud and grateful at the same time because it’s not just the month of May that introduced me to yellows and the power of the solar plexus chakra, my amazing boyfriend, or the start of my art business, it is also in May that I got clean and sober. In reflecting over the past month of anniversaries and the transformation of the past 3 years, I can honestly say that I am living the life of my dreams. Thank you for reading this blog and supporting me and the art I create!

Like whispering at a girl in the dark…

This blog is about two months old–quite young, new, and fresh. I have one actual comment, no shares on Facebook other than my own, and minimal traffic (mostly spam). I state these as facts and to benchmark my progress. I am striving for a level of transparency in my work and process so that the art you see is authentic and unfiltered by personal hang-ups. Please don’t confuse this post as a gripe or complaining. I understand that building an audience and establishing my web presence will take some time and a lot of work on my end marketing.

So here I sit typing away, talking to the great black emptiness of the web. Is anyone out there? Hello–ello—lo—looo—ooooo! As I think more about what I want to include for content here, and explore my writing style, I can’t help but think “If I build it, they will come.” In reading a recent article, ‘A Simple Structure for Creating Content‘ by the Art Biz Coach, I was happy to see that I already had jumped with both feet, head first into this endeavor. Here, and on my Facebook fan page I set-up the basic structure and added content, and now post 1-3 times per week on each without a whole lot of planning. This method is very different for me. I am pragmatic and prudent in my planning, often obsessing over details and wanting to know just how things will be.

I sat down this week to look at the things I was posting and see if I could categorize them differently, or better organize my ideas, which I did successfully. I even was able to add on some content ideas. And, I’ll ask: Is there something about my work that you’d like to know? Feel free to add comments below. I will respond!

One last thing: I create great art. I share my art with the world to see and people respond positively to the work I create. My audience talks to me about my art and purchases it for their living spaces. I am an artist.

I prefer the unfurling of a rose… © 2012 NATE METZ


Just tonight I passed the 10K shutter count on my D80. When I went to upload my pictures from shooting tonight for a challenge, I noticed my images went into two different folders. My first reaction was that I had broken something on the camera that caused it to reset, but realized that was silly. A quicker inspection showed the file numbers restarted at 0001. It’s a small milestone, yes, but serves as further validation that I am indeed moving ahead with my artwork.

Although I missed the last challenge, my entry is in this round with 8 days to spare…or change my mind! I’ll be sure to post my entry along with the 2nd and 3rd options after voting has ended. And in the spirit of full transparency and putting myself out of my comfort zone, I’ll also be sharing important feedback on my work as well as its ranking.

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