This week was very exciting for me to win two blue ribbons in the Delmarva on View exhibit at the Lewes Public Library. And customary to my spiritual life, I feel compelled to pause for a moment and reflect with gratitude, examine my attitudes, and ponder the direction of my life. Just for a moment, though, because then I’m going back to revel in the excitement and accolades!

I woke up on Wednesday thinking about next month’s Members’ Show at the Newark Arts Alliance, debating whether or not I would be entering a photograph. I was juried into 3 shows there already this year, which I consider to be marks in the successful column of my art business ledger because previously I wasn’t showing anywhere. None of those works sold, though, yet. I was admittedly feeling a bit defeated and had decided to not frame anything to take to NAA. Upon that decision, a little self-doubt crept in: “Maybe you aren’t really that good.” and “People aren’t really responding to your work, so why even show it?” and there was the “It’s okay to take a break, regroup, and try again next year.”

By then, I was out of bed and had gotten coffee to jump online for a couple minutes before going to work. (“Yeah, huge success you are with a paying day job.”) Awaiting in my inbox was notification that I had placed in the Delmarva on View exhibit. (“What?!”) I was so beyond excited, I quickly posted on here and Facebook the news. And then it was time for work. Postponing the rest of my happy dance, I had more time to think about my photography in general.

In my head I kept hearing the wise voice of my Art Biz Coach, Alyson, telling me I just need to keep showing and getting my work in front of people and talking about it. I can build sales and a following from there, but it can take 3-5 years to have anything substantial. After all, I started from the ground up. And then I remembered my definition of success: “Don’t give up!” and “I am talented with a unique point of view.” and there was the “Be grateful for every little win along the way leading up to the big ones.” I do know that I have a gift and that I’m fortunate enough to have the resources to share it with people like I do. I’m grateful I got this reminder from the judges saying I placed first and awarded best in show in the professional category.

It is very gratifying to receive this recognition. At the reception, I was talking with my parents about professional versus amateur categories on display. The winner circle noted the division, but the remaining 130 works hanging did not. Honestly, some of them I was unable to tell from a photographic stand point. Others, it was quite clear from the framing choices alone! I’m still impressed by the talent culled from all levels, though. Which then led to the discussion of why I entered the professional category if my art business is not my primary source of income. As I was completing the submission paperwork I asked myself the very same question, so it was easy to explain:

I am an Artist. I take my work very, but not too, seriously. I have spent countless hours working on composition and framing, teaching myself how to use a dSLR and Photoshop. I use this blog and an iPhone photo journal to explore topics and develop my own unique, creative point of view. I self-published a book. I show in exhibits. I have a business license and pay my taxes. I use business cards. I am a professional and I am successful.

It is really the attitude and approach I have that makes it so. Well, and that I self identify as a professional. There is no universal definition, no application process or metrics to reach for qualification. It was my decision. In interviewing with the press at the opening reception I was asked who I worked for. My initial reaction was confusion because I didn’t think I needed a studio or other conventional trappings of a pro. I answered: “Myself. I’m independent.” I am confident and comfortable with the direction and growth of my art, my photography.

I see this all as very defining moment for me because it clarified my reflections on myself, my photography, and my business goals. It’s a great confidence booster and as I see it, part of the universe pointing me along further along the path of my dreams! Stylistically that means I will be continuing to work in a square format and perfecting my B&W conversions, along with the color works.


CAMP Fall Art Show

I am proud to say that of the 4 photos I submitted to the fall art show, one was indeed selected and hanging at the CAMP Rehoboth Community Center! CAMP is in downtown Rehoboth on Baltimore Ave and now that the parking meters are down it is the perfect time to check out the beachside town. You may remember this photograph from the Summer Streets exhibit in Newark this past summer. I chose this photograph because it was a favorite.

Sun-Puddled Pavement © 2012 NATE METZ $150.00

Check out all the pictures here.

The Gallery is located in the downstairs of the building in the lobby area:

37 Baltimore Avenue
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971
Phone: 302-227-5620

I look forward to seeing you at the CAMP Art Show!

Delaware Artist Roster

There are some days that you just have to take care of business. I find every day that there is another place to get my name out into the “art world” and that I am constantly updating my online presence. The latest installment is a profile on the State of Delaware Artist Roster, part of the Delaware Division of the Arts. I don’t know that being there will necessarily bring a lot of business, but it feels good to be OFFICIAL. It will definitely help with a professional image and legitimacy to my business.

Check it out:

Artist Roster


I am happy to announce that I have integrated new software into my website so that you may order prints direct!

To order prints:

1) go to

2) click on “Photography” on top menu

3) click on “Exhibits” on left-hand menu

4) click on the desired gallery

5) click on the magenta colored “View Gallery Now!” button

6) browse photos and add to your cart at leisure

It has never been easier to order prints online from me! The software links to ProDPI in Colorado. They process, print, and ship your order direct to you. Because my art business is still so young, I was at first hesitant to let another company handle part of the transaction. I would prefer to receive all orders myself and then ship the prints to you in my packaging, but that adds days to the timeline of processing the order and the shipping lead time. So, because of your sanity and desire to have Nate Metz Art on your walls I have moved ahead with this system to order prints online. I’d love to know what you think: convenient? easy? quality of prints?


Gallery Talk – Summer Streets

About a week ago, I officially opened my first exhibit: SUMMER STREETS. During the reception, I conducted a gallery talk about my creative process and some of the key images from the show. The entire collection is 25 images of my original street photography taken during the summer months. I included some images from my yellow study last summer that overlapped with the street theme to create a well balanced solo exhibit. Be sure to watch the video above and let me know what you think! I truly hope you enjoy hearing about my work and look forward to sharing more videos soon.

All images shown are for sale, and I am taking orders for prints if you prefer unframed photographs. Click here for a full listing of images, sizes, and prices. All framed pieces are customs frames with conservation plexiglass to protect the full color photographs.

The exhibit is on display from June 4 – 29th in Newark, DE at the Terry Foreman Gallery in the Newark Arts Alliance (NAA).

Market East Plaza
Suite 102
276 E. Main St.,
Newark, DE 19711
Telephone: 302-266-7266

Tuesday – Sunday: 11am-3pm
Extended Hours on Thursday: 11am-6pm

And, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on all events like this one! **The link is on the right-hand menu bar.** Many thanks to everyone who came out to show me support on the 7th and continued blessings. I am so grateful for all of your support!

PREVIEW: Summer Streets

Today is the official soft opening of my exhibit, Summer Streets! I’m saving most of the fanfare for Friday night during the opening reception where I’ll be conducting a short gallery talk about my process and discussing key images from the exhibit.

Here is a quick preview of the exhibit just to whet your appetite:

All of the photographs are custom framed in a black, solid wood frame, white mat board, and conservation plexiglass. The prints range from 8″ x 8″ to 11″ x 14″ and 12″ x 12″

And of course, all work is FOR SALE ranging from just $125 – $300.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!

I look forward to seeing you Friday night at the Terry Foreman Gallery in the Newark Arts Alliance 276 E Main Street Newark, DE 19711


Congrats to me! The art blog is officially 13 months old! Happy Blog Anniversary! I can hardly believe I missed the one year anniversary at the beginning of this month, but catching it now on the 31st I made it just in time. Do you remember my first blog post?? It was a year ago I was starting my yellow study and just launched my art career: that is, getting a business license and framing my work! Those early posts were certainly minimal and sparse with information, but a fun trip down memory lane.

Next week is another huge milestone: my first exhibit. Being a professional artist has really changed how I view my work, and the processes I go through creatively. I’ve had lots of help along the way through people like Art Biz Coach and friends like Pamela Slaton. Oh, and I published a book: AWAKE!!! I also have a burgeoning fan page on Facebook that has now become the seat to memes combining my thoughts and photography similar to what is found in my book. If you aren’t already reading those, you should like that page and not miss any more inspiration on your timeline!

I’m so proud and grateful at the same time because it’s not just the month of May that introduced me to yellows and the power of the solar plexus chakra, my amazing boyfriend, or the start of my art business, it is also in May that I got clean and sober. In reflecting over the past month of anniversaries and the transformation of the past 3 years, I can honestly say that I am living the life of my dreams. Thank you for reading this blog and supporting me and the art I create!

Delaware Scene – Nate Metz Solo Show

I can hardly believe that it’s happing next week! My debut exhibit is finally about to happen. I think back on the number of hours I’ve spent with my camera and Photoshop and how long I didn’t do anything about it. I’m so grateful that my work is enjoyed by so many people! In preparation for the showing, I’ve gotten some press about the exhibit. Here is a nice write-up on Delaware Scene:

It is free to attend opening night, June 7th from 6-8PM, so bring a friend and see the work up close!

The show consists of 25 street photographs and includes selections from my yellow study.

# art exhibit Delaware

Delmarva on View


I was in Starbucks this week and got super excited when I saw a flier on the community bulletin board for a local photography contest. It’s called Delmarva on View: Delaware, Maryland & Virginia in Photographs. Proceeds benefit the Lewes Public Library in Lewes, DE. If you live in the tri-state area I suggest you check it out!

What I think is really cool is the professional and amateur entry levels, and the wide range of entry categories like Growing Delmarva: Agriculture & Farming and The Good, The Bad, The Nor’Easter: Four Seasons. I have selected three images from the past 12 months for the seasonal entries covering autumn, winter, and spring. You’ll have to wait until after June 18th when the judging is complete so I can show you the images I selected. I didn’t choose any summer images I like will be part of my exhibit at the Newark Arts Alliance for Summer Streets.

I’d love to hear what you think of the photo contest and the take on themes! Comment below!

BLOG CIRCLE: Photo Display

I expressed interest in joining the blog circle because I display pieces of my work in my house that hold great importance to me. They are photographs, paintings, and collage that reflect my spiritual journey as an artist. This work is found on the walls of my bedroom and at my altar where I meditate. The initial call for entry that I saw on the Delaware Photographers Network asked for us to share how we showcase our work in our homes. Today I realized that I had joined a circle of photographers specializing in Family Portraits! So, while we coo over everyone’s beautiful families and friends today, I share with you some displays of a different kind of family. I cherish my work as offspring from my intuition and inspiration. I hope you enjoy:

The next blog on your journey belongs to Theresa and will take you to Southwestern USA. She specializes in natural light family photography. Check out Creative Flair Photography here:

And, thank you Erin for organizing the circle!