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Word Cloud

June 2013 cloud

It’s been a while since I posted one of these. I think word clouds are a neat way to see how much I really do talk about the things I think that I’m always talking about. The words first, idea, nate, metz, art are not surprising at the top of the list. Noticeably smaller is photography, which is my main mode of art.


Stinky Vinegar Hole © 2013 NATE METZ
Stinky Vinegar Hole © 2013 NATE METZ

I tried something a little different with this face by using a photograph of a found object as part of the face – the drain in a water fountain – instead of objects that come preloaded in the app. The direction I would like to head is to photograph found objects on my own at a much higher resolution so I could create these collages that would make suitable prints. It’s one of the back burner projects, though. I’m really focusing on the photography portion of my art and these collages serve as the play time to keep the creative juices flowing. What do you think? Would you like to see more faces or more photographs? Comment below!


I’ve tried my hand recently are creating internet memes. I often post images on Facebook with inspirational thoughts. So, I thought why not put the text on the images and share it about!



I’ve been think a lot about the ideal of perfection and making mistakes. I was sharing a story with another artist on Facebook about how I never delete any photograph that I take. Never ever. I often will flip through old files and see something new in a picture that had previously not met focus, or something that I can manipulate into some great digital art, or sometimes a little heavier post-processing can add a selling touch. All of the images above never were posted in their original state; they were the rejects. Until now.

Coincidently, I saw this video on my YouTube feed the same day:

Some key takeaways for me:
**Fear of making mistakes can cause us to never take action at all and never try.
**Everything is an opportunity to learn and to grow.

I can honestly say that some of my favorite photographs were not a result of me walking outside, turning on my camera, pushing the shutter button once, and uploading that image as a final print. Never ever. Looking at my mis-takes is precisely how I learned photography. I have not taken any coursework on photography or cameras. With the shutter, aperture, ISO, and other settings I took a lot of mis-takes to learn, and I would say that the same true for those with a degree. I believe that mis-takes aren’t even mistakes because they are exactly as intended. It’s up to us to change our perspective to see what we can learn from our rejection of something we created!