Magnolia Dream

Bored one afternoon this spring, I pulled out my 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED IF AF-S DX VR that I haven’t used since I first bought it 5+ (?!) years ago to test it out. I thought, erroneously, that it would only be good when out scouting birds or taking tourist type shots that I could zoom up onto monuments and so forth. And that is precisely why I hadn’t been using it, focusing instead on my prime lens to capture a nice bokeh and shallow DOF for my translucent light studies. I have had a lot of micromovements in some of my throwaways, so I decided to play with the VR by standing 7-10 feet away. These are the shots I came up with:

Magnolia Dream © 2013 NATE METZ

Like whispering at a girl in the dark…

This blog is about two months old–quite young, new, and fresh. I have one actual comment, no shares on Facebook other than my own, and minimal traffic (mostly spam). I state these as facts and to benchmark my progress. I am striving for a level of transparency in my work and process so that the art you see is authentic and unfiltered by personal hang-ups. Please don’t confuse this post as a gripe or complaining. I understand that building an audience and establishing my web presence will take some time and a lot of work on my end marketing.

So here I sit typing away, talking to the great black emptiness of the web. Is anyone out there? Hello–ello—lo—looo—ooooo! As I think more about what I want to include for content here, and explore my writing style, I can’t help but think “If I build it, they will come.” In reading a recent article, ‘A Simple Structure for Creating Content‘ by the Art Biz Coach, I was happy to see that I already had jumped with both feet, head first into this endeavor. Here, and on my Facebook fan page I set-up the basic structure and added content, and now post 1-3 times per week on each without a whole lot of planning. This method is very different for me. I am pragmatic and prudent in my planning, often obsessing over details and wanting to know just how things will be.

I sat down this week to look at the things I was posting and see if I could categorize them differently, or better organize my ideas, which I did successfully. I even was able to add on some content ideas. And, I’ll ask: Is there something about my work that you’d like to know? Feel free to add comments below. I will respond!

One last thing: I create great art. I share my art with the world to see and people respond positively to the work I create. My audience talks to me about my art and purchases it for their living spaces. I am an artist.

I prefer the unfurling of a rose… © 2012 NATE METZ






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