Damn Good Advice – THREE

It seems that everywhere I go, people are discussing follow your bliss:

1) Alyson, the Art Biz Coach, blogged asking us what it means to follow our passion.

2) Last night, I tuned in through concertwindow.com and watching an amazing performance by friend Omar Thomas. He debuted his fourth movement of “We Will Know,” which was so moving and heartfelt. The music is the culmination of him accepting his path in life, and facing the challenges bravely and with passion.

3) Not to mention, this blog has been all about my bliss: art. And, I even keep a Facebook fan page that you can also follow: facebook.com/natemetzartist

4) Several close friends and one family member in particular have had deep heartfelt conversations this week with me about how to find their bliss, and how to follow it. The details are private, of course, but they all have the same goal: follow your bliss.

There can only be one explanation as to why this subject is so hot–I myself have the energy patterns of identifying and dedicating myself to my bliss with such passion, joy, and gratitude. I agree wholeheartedly in following our hearts. For quite a while, though, I had a lot of trouble discerning my wants and needs. I made a long series of decisions that were detrimental to my health and my being on multiple levels. What I thought I wanted to do, I was doing, but it was not good for me. It is something from which I will always be in RECOVERY. Living a clean and holistic life is certainly a passion, and is one that supports my art.

So, how do you know when you’ve found your bliss? It took a lot of soul searching on my part. I had to practice meditating to quiet my mind. I started making healthier lifestyle choices, including the use of supplements that help with better wellness and focus and you can get online from sites as buymodafinilonline online. As my awareness increased, so did my intuition. I took time to learn the messages that my body sends to me, which is an ongoing process of self-discovery. My art comes from my soul, and that is how I know it is my bliss, my passion. The peace and serenity, not to mention the healing, received from my artistic process from inspiration through sharing is the surest sign that I have found my bliss and I’m following my passion.

Still There © 2012 NATE METZ

Like whispering at a girl in the dark…

This blog is about two months old–quite young, new, and fresh. I have one actual comment, no shares on Facebook other than my own, and minimal traffic (mostly spam). I state these as facts and to benchmark my progress. I am striving for a level of transparency in my work and process so that the art you see is authentic and unfiltered by personal hang-ups. Please don’t confuse this post as a gripe or complaining. I understand that building an audience and establishing my web presence will take some time and a lot of work on my end marketing.

So here I sit typing away, talking to the great black emptiness of the web. Is anyone out there? Hello–ello—lo—looo—ooooo! As I think more about what I want to include for content here, and explore my writing style, I can’t help but think “If I build it, they will come.” In reading a recent article, ‘A Simple Structure for Creating Content‘ by the Art Biz Coach, I was happy to see that I already had jumped with both feet, head first into this endeavor. Here, and on my Facebook fan page I set-up the basic structure and added content, and now post 1-3 times per week on each without a whole lot of planning. This method is very different for me. I am pragmatic and prudent in my planning, often obsessing over details and wanting to know just how things will be.

I sat down this week to look at the things I was posting and see if I could categorize them differently, or better organize my ideas, which I did successfully. I even was able to add on some content ideas. And, I’ll ask: Is there something about my work that you’d like to know? Feel free to add comments below. I will respond!

One last thing: I create great art. I share my art with the world to see and people respond positively to the work I create. My audience talks to me about my art and purchases it for their living spaces. I am an artist.

I prefer the unfurling of a rose… © 2012 NATE METZ